Mr. Butch Guice's Glimpse of Greatness
Review for Micronauts (1979) 49-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 1983
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August 13, 2013

Mr. Butch Guice's Glimpse of Greatness

This is a example of great visual story telling. I was a kid when I FIRST read this issue. I recall being frustrated with the series after it went direct edition, which promised more story, less ads and a better comic. So when this issue arrived in its typical brown mailer,laying in the mailbox, waiting for me after a boring day of school. This fantastic WRAP AROUND cover of one of my favorite characters, BIOTRON. He had been killed earlier in the series by a turncoat acroyear spy. I loved how he and the space commander shared the psychic rapport endowed by the enigma force (Captain Universe..anyone??!!). Not only was he resurrected but GIANT ...he is the spaceship!!! A kudos to the toy figurine he was based off of. Good story telling Mr. MANTLO bringing the character full circle. The artwork was what captured me, the majority of the story is the space commander and his long time companion breaching the spacewall, and contacting the time travelers, pleading with them to aid him in defeating the commander's nemesis, BARON KARZA. The space wall had been breached before but alway done in one or two panels. Mr. Guice's artwork reENERGIZED this series, he drew the issue prior but this issue showed his talent. The wierd drawings reminding me of science class slides of cells and microscopic stuff. The final panel of them arriving on homeworld to face off with KARZA was so cool. After his work on this series I looked for his cool covers and I even crossed over to the Dark side..I followed his work he did on the FLASH. I am not a fan of DC but I enjoyed his artwork, so I took the bait. I was thrilled to see his artwork ol so many years later during the death of Captain America, REBORN, and the winter soilder. This is worth picking up for a $1. I picked up another copy just because my original was showing its wear and tear but from just from me reading and drawing my versions of his panels, those years so long ago. Michael Golden, Pat broderick, and Jackson "Butch" Guice shined on this series.


I've always been a fan of Butch Guice, especially his CrossGen stuff!

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