A figure a LONG time coming....
Review for G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Basic 3 3/4" Action Figures Cobra Leader (Cobra Commander) (Black Suit)

Action Figure by Hasbro, Jan 01 2008
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September 04, 2008

A figure a LONG time coming....

I ran across this action figure by accident when adding G.I.JOES to the Comic Collector Live database for toys. For anyone that's been a fan of the classic comic book, you'll know this figure as soon as you see it. Cobra Commander, in busines suit, standing in front of a group of disillusioned members of society, ready to take up a new cause...and play right into the slippery snake's hands. This is quintessential Cobra Commander. Whether you're a seasoned G.I.JOE collector that is looking for a great addition to your Cobra figures, or you need a commanding leader for your Cobra Army Builders...this Cobra Commander is for you! COBRAAAAAAAA!


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