A quiet ending to an otherwise high action book...
Review for G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 155-A

Comic Book by IDW, Dec 01 1994
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September 27, 2008

A quiet ending to an otherwise high action book...

G.I.JOE #155 stands as one of the most unique last issues in comic book history to me. Probably because for the longest time, I could expect as much action in the GIJOE comic as I could in the GIJOE figures - this issue shows why Larry Hama is the brains behind the G.I.JOE mythology - sure, it's another issue about Snake-Eyes (what do you expect? He was one of the most popular)! But the story, (told through a letter written by the son of an old military buddy), gives you a good final insight into a character who is consistantly brainwashed, slashed, burned and otherwise mutilated every 8-10 issues or so in the Marvel run. Now granted, the other Joes dismantling the headquarters in the background did kind of leave alot of holes unfilled with little closure between the whole struggle with COBRA, but otherwise, a great read.

That is, if you can find it....remember that the readership for this book had plummeted, causing the downfall for series in the end. Print runs on this book are very low, so copies of this at your local store are going to be a little hard to come by.

Still I highly recommend tracking this book down - with the movie coming out next year - you'll be glad you got it when you did.


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