a solid 4 and what an ending!!!
Review for Deadpool (2008) 3-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 2008
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October 11, 2008

a solid 4 and what an ending!!!

This book is so much fun! This is such an enjoyable read so far and I'm truly loving it!

The writing by Daniel Way is top notch! There is a lot of hilarious humour in the dialogue which he hasn't overdone so it reads very nicely.

The plot line is really thickening now and Way left the issue on such a bizarre and unforeseen cliff-hanger. It was such an amazing, surprise ending that I thought I was going to give birth!

The artwork is outstanding as well!

The only reason this doesn't get a full 5 star rating from me is that each issue so far (including this) has taken me about a minute & a half to read from start to finish. It is a very short read and no matter how good the story and everything is, I cant help but feel somehow let down.

Nevertheless, a must read!

It puts Secret Invasion in a bright light and adds humour to it! Its great to be reading something which is tied into Secret Invasion that isn't deadly serious.

Good book. Very good book!


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