How's Pete Gettin' Outta This One?
Review for Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 699-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 2013
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December 17, 2012

How's Pete Gettin' Outta This One?

It's probably best that you do not read any further if you haven't read ASM #698 and don't want to be spoiled. Otherwise, enjoy my review :)

Peter Parker is pretty much in the worst predicament of his life right now. One of his oldest enemies, Doctor Octopus, has somehow succeeded in a plan to switch minds with Spider-Man and trap poor Pete in Otto Octavius' broken and dying body. Writer Dan Slott has turned the Spider-Man world on its' ear...leaving fans wondering just how ol' web-head is going to get out of this one...and with the final landmark issue #700 on the horizon, change is hanging in the air.

Issue #699 shows that Pete's not just an incredible super-hero with amazing abilities, but he's probably one of the smartest guys on the planet next to Reed Richards, if he applies himself properly. Going into Ock's own mind and memories, he hatches a plan to get back at, you know what I mean) by assembling a team of super-villains who are none the wiser that Spider-Man is in control of Ock's body. Slott's story is really interesting and potentially a little disturbing...especially when Pete discovers a sexually-explicit moment between Ock and Aunt May from back in the day while combing through his memories.) Needless to say, from someone who pretty much gave up Spidey at BRAND NEW DAY, this series has reeled me in with an anticipation that's not unlike one I get when seeing a trailer for the next episode of THE WALKING DEAD. But I better not get to comfortable. It's the bottom of the ninth and the bases are loaded here at the end of all things...and Slott's at bat.

Let's see if he can knock this one out of the park.


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