What a let down!
Review for Last Days of American Crime 3-A

Comic Book by Radical, Aug 01 2010
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October 03, 2010

What a let down!

The triple cross is on and the heist of the century is finally here! Is Shelby just toying with Graham? Is Kevin just a sociopath? Will they all get their crap in order & pull off the job?!?!?! Turns out that with all the build-up this is just your average everyday happily ever after tale. The third and final issue falls flat on its face as we find out that Shelby was just looking for a good solid man to tame her and that man is Graham who’s only gone back to his life of crime to support his mother and find a cure for her Alzheimer’s and yes it turns out that Kevin is just a sociopath that’s nuttier than squirrel poop. They pull off the job, Kevin gets his just desserts and Graham, Shelby & mom live happily ever after in Mexico. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am in how this book ended, the 1st issue was beyond excellent the 2nd was real good and this (the 3rd) was piss poor. You could have had a happy ending in this series without getting so cliché. Between the cost of the books and they delay in issues and this poor ending, I’d like to travel back in time and tell myself to skip this series because in the long run it just wasn’t worth it.


I'm learning to hold off buying certain titles until the whole series comes to an end. Thay way money is not wasted. Most of them can be found in Trades later at cheaper prices with extra material.

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