"Gods of Brooklyn".......LITERALY!!!!!
Review for Herc 1-B

Comic Book by Marvel, Jun 01 2011
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June 01, 2011

"Gods of Brooklyn".......LITERALY!!!!!

I've come to expect a lot out of books featuring Marvel Comics Hercules; with this book I was not disappointed. From beginning to end this issue was at a full throttle pace. One of the things that greatly pleased me was the fact that even without his "god-like" powers he remained the same man, human Demi-God at large. Nothing starts the blood pumping like guns and sword-play on a speeding train. He takes down a gang of Warhawks using nothing but his time-proven skills and weapons of myth (i.e. the shield of Perseus and Sword of Peleus). Together Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente plot and script a tale of legendary proportions. (I can't wait to see how the voice(s) of worshipers in Herc's head finally affects him.) The art is cool and crisp as provided by Neil Edwards (penciller), Scott Hanna (inker). It's great to see Scott Hanna back on a great book. Nothing much more to tell than ....BUY THIS BOOK!!!!!!!.


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