Epic finale with a bittersweet ending
Review for Action Comics (1938) 870-A

Comic Book by DC, Dec 01 2008
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October 30, 2008

Epic finale with a bittersweet ending

I have really enjoyed reading this entire "Brainiac" series. The scope has been grand, and the story reads very much the way that a Superman Direct-to-DVD movie would play. It has some very good moments, strong with one-line dialogue and piognant action sequences.

There are three down sides to this book: one of which is what I feel was a rather lengthy face-off with Brainiac, the second being the ending, which I won't ruin with a spoiler. Only a writer such as Geoff Johns can run wild and rampant on the Superman mythology. The third? Well, let's hope that this is the LAST reincarnation of the whole KANDOR storyline. Revamp after revamp can drain a reader, and honestly, it's too easy to get lost in the DCU right now.

If you think you can read the last 12 issues of this title and be ok, well, you can. But be warned that the last six tie directly into the "NEW KRYPTON" storyline, and the six before that into the "LEGION OF THREE WORLDS" limited series.

But kudos yet again for the team of Frank and Johns. Wow. Thanks for the ride!


You have sealed the deal, and I will have to pick this book up. I was in the LCS and heard a collector give rave reviews to the books drama, but your review convinced me.

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