A Flash in the pan, and another Flash in the grave.
Review for Flash: The Fastest Man Alive 13-B

Comic Book by DC, Aug 01 2007
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January 12, 2009

A Flash in the pan, and another Flash in the grave.

Who mourns for Bart Allen?

Bart Allen aka 'Impulse' was originally introduced in Flash (Vol 2) #93 as Barry Allen's grandson from the 30th century. Sped along into the Flash mythology (no pun intended), he quickly obtained his own series, which remarkably last several years, due in no small part by the quality writers and artists whose name was forever associated with the character's popularity (Waid, Ramos, Dezago, Van Sciver, and the late great Weiringo to name a few.) He also appeared in two team books, New Titans and Young Justice. Seriously, who doesn't need a speedster on the team?

When Young Justice and Titans was mothballed, Geoff Johns gave the character a strong dose of maturity and level-headedness in the pages of the newest Teen Titans title. Embracing his super-heroic heritage (FINALLY!), young Bart became the newest "Kid Flash" on the block. But even that was not meant to last.

Suddenly in the midst of DC Crisis' galore, we find Bart Allen taking up the mantle of the Flash in Wally West's stead. Written by Flash TV vet's Bilson and Demeo, Bart is a little older now and becomes the Scarlet Speedster.

Heralding the return of Barry Allen more than likely played no small part in the decision to off Bart. With Barry back, there was no need for the Young Allen boy to fill the void left in his wake.

I wasn't terribly impressed with the series as a whole. I always felt Bart never came into his own as the Flash, and the writers didn't quite know how to write him in the series, so Bart spends most of his time in as much confusion and disarray as the readers. In the final couple issues, we actually see a decent portrayal of Bart, and a somber ending to a boy whose life was just destined for tragedy.

This issue (along with the variants) might be a worthy investment now that Barry has returned to the pages of the DC Comics.


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