Review for Umbrella Academy: Dallas 3-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Jan 01 2009
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February 09, 2009


This is most defiantly the best issue of The Umbrella Academy I have read to date! It read as if it had been written by a deity! Superb! A masterpiece!

This issue progresses the plot in leaps and bounds with a perfectly paced nature, which does not move too fast thus spoiling the story, nor does it feel as if it moved too slowly. A perfect pace. The contents of this issue without spoiling anything at are that Hazel & Cha-Cah interrogate The Seance (my favourite character) who was one of the main characters in this issue and it leads too an unexpected yet terribly exciting end! We are also given back story on how Number 5 has become so messed in the head and it's mindblowingly creative stuff I tell you and moves you nicely into the next phase of the comic which will be continued next issue!

The bit at the start of the issue with Hazel & Cha-Cha was very funny in a really creepy and 'black humour' way.

I think we're going to be seeing a lot more of Space-Boy soon. I want to know what happens to The Seance because he is by far my favourite of the Umbrella Academy! I think we're going to be seeing some action between Hazel and Cha Cha soon with Number 5 too!

I will leave you with two quotes from this issue which stood out the most for me, and about some up how awesome it was!


Heh. An outstanding issue with brilliant artwork that fits the story perfectly. Gerard Way is truly a genius!


My sentiments exactly!

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