Review for Pilot Season: Lady Pendragon 1-A

Comic Book by Top Cow, May 01 2008
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July 09, 2008


First off, let me tell you where I'm coming from with my reviews. This way you have something to base your reading of my reviews on.

I collect a gambit of comic genres; Marvel and DC mainstream stuff, Marvel's Icon, DC's Vertigo (my favorite overall), DC's Wildstorm, Image including Top Cow, IDW, Devil's Due, Zenescope, Dark Horse and several other Indys.

Here are examples of what I enjoy and think are really well done comics and would give high appraise: 'Y the Last Man, Walking Dead, 30 days of Night (first mini), Scalped, DMZ, Conan, Red Sonja, Mice Templar, Fell, Vinyl Underground, Captain America, Iron Fist, Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Proof, Grimm Fairy Tales, Star Wars: Legacy, Witchblade, The Magdalena (my favorite character of all time), Pax Romana, Sojourn, Batman. There are more, but this should give you some idea of what I'm looking for in my comics.

One reviewer's opinion will not be the same as the next, thus I've provided you with the types of reading I like and enjoy. That is what I base my reviews on. If you read the above information and do not enjoy the same things as I, then my reviews will be garbage to you. So reviews, in my opinion are all relative to the reviewer's and the reader's taste.

Second, my reviews will be the culmination of stars between 1 and 5 (5 being the best) averaged over the subjects listed below.

Now, here we go...

Title: Pilot Season Lady Pendragon #1


With the exception of Jennifer Drake's left hand, this pic is gorgeous. I love Arthurian tales. Something just not right about the texture or positioning of the left hand. ***

Interior Art: A tad too cartoony for my taste. A little CGI'ed I'm thinking?!? I don't know. But it didn't quite work for me. **

Story dialogue: Like I said before, I enjoy the Arthurian tales surrounding Camelot and Excaliber. I haven't read one of the older versions of this title and I think I'm missing something. I wish there had been more back story. Everything seemed a bit 'rushed' in this issue for me. Bits and pieces were hinted at, but having not read the earlier issues I feel 'left out' on this one. **

Letters and page Layout: *****

Emotions invoked: All my favorite aspects of Camelot were hinted at but never fully reached. I was dissappointed in this issue because I know this mythos could be so much better done imo. **

Rate: 2.8/5


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