All Hail Fred Van Lente!
Review for Marvel Zombies 3 4-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Mar 01 2009
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January 13, 2009

All Hail Fred Van Lente!

Well no don't because I don't think he is that great, but he did do an undoubtedly good job here on this mini series!

Now lets get one thing straight before I get into the review of this concluding issue. I loved Robert Kirkman's writing on MZ and MZ2.. yes that's correct people I said it! I liked MZ2!! I actually preferred it to the first series! Call me crazy whatever!

I just wanted to say that because it helps to understand that I never expected this series to be as good as MZ2 because I thought it was an amazing story. But I was almost blown away by this 3rd series all in all. At first, when I heard it was taking place in the 616 universe, I thought "argh, no, this could go horribly wrong", but I was shown otherwise! lol!

I loved Van Lente's serious take on this story, making it dark, twisted and horrifically violent and gory. The dialogue I thought was spot on, very dramatic and tense. I thought the plot itself was highly dramatic, and in places, 'predictable', but overall truly enjoyable! I thought the way Van Lente was replacing the humorous aspect of MZ with seriousness wouldn't work, but it turns out it replaced it brilliantly and gave the series an equally appealing new tone! I loved the 'slashin n hackin', 'guns blazin', thrilling action! It was actually 'epic' & I mean that!

The artwork here was amazing, very atmospheric and creepy, especially in this concluding issue!

I thought the character line up was very well chosen, I still love the fact that Morbious was in this book! I think that's totally awesome! This issue ended with no real spoilers, just huge amounts of tense and action packed drama. but there was a hint at a Marvel Zombies 4 coming soon!!

All in all, a good series. Better than the original series, but not as good as MZ2 in my opinion.


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