A Deep Exploration of Needs and Reality
Review for Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 18-A

Comic Book by Boom! Studios, Dec 01 2010
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December 17, 2010

A Deep Exploration of Needs and Reality

There are so many subjects that this issue touches on that it makes it a conceptually deep and busy read while being brie, to the point, and absolutely a delight to engage. Only a writer like Dick can put so many ideas and such simple terms and only the team of Parker, Blond and Starkings can accompany each sentence with amazing rendered art work.

For instance, the communication between Rick and Rachael is so well done; Rick directly asking her to come over for business and pleasure while Rachael responds knowing full well what Rick needs is more the police business and the posing while Rachael speaks leaves no doubts as to what she expects of their encounter. The review of the prey that Rick has to hunt for they are on his tail and he is being pressure to deliver all fugitive androids this day interspersed throughout the dialogue. The fascination that Rick has with Roy Baty (what a great name) and his own search for what constitutes androids and humans; for they both seem to be searching for a religious-type of experience, whether chemically or through other stimulants, including murder or hunting. There is so much in common between the predator and the prey, between Rick and Roy, that one knows the confrontation between these two characters will be monumental with the reader not knowing who should be the hero and the villain. The realization that Mercerism, the religion of the day, is no comfort to Rick. Finally, when Rachael appears, we are confronted with an analysis of the physical attribute of Rachael for she has exposed herself to Rick's evaluation. What drives an android to need or dream; are they even capable o such feats, and if so, what differentiates them from us?

These are the big questions that Dick wants us to confront, questions that are more relevant today than at any other time. Dick is a prophet to a generation searching for the nature of reality and the allusiveness of truth.


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