Avengers assembled but not too essential
Review for Essential Avengers 1-A

Graphic Novel / Trade by Marvel, Nov 01 1998
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March 01, 2013

Avengers assembled but not too essential

Collecting the first 20-something issues of the Avengers and is it a rough go.

Granted, the 1960s Marvel isn't really aimed for an older readership -- writer/editor Stan Lee's work at the time is far suitable for a younger audience which can be tedious for adults.

Content in the first Essential Avengers is better read here and there than plowing straight through.

This volume features art in black and white, which works in favor of some artists, however not so much with the Jack Kirby issues.

Heresy, I know.

Part of Kirby's signature pop is coloring when it comes to his visuals and, as a personal taste, on old newsprint compared to slick glossy paper. Dunno why, it just does.

Don Heck follows suit on art who falls short behind Kirby, however does grow as an artist and storyteller during his run on the series.

Final recommendation: Pick it up if you're interested in reading the origin of The Avengers as it happened rather than flashback.


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