Awkward story from begining to end.
Review for Batman (1940) 204-A

Comic Book by DC, Aug 01 1968
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October 09, 2011

Awkward story from begining to end.

This story starts out lamely and will unfourtunately limp into the next issue. The premise of the story has no ground-work and never establishes any. We have a dead blind-man leaving a scrawled message on a wall, that in-turn has Comissioner Gordon detaining the real Batman as an imposter. This will in turn allow the crimminal mastermind to continue on with his plot....WHAT PLOT!!!! We will not find out until next issue and it's darn confusing with a bunch of crimminals pretending to be blind-men. The art was ok, but nothing to compare with next years new art team. Best to leave this and next isasue alone, unless you are collecting for the series in you collection or chasing a particular artist credit.


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