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Review for Immortal Iron Fist 20-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2009
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January 17, 2009

*Blank Stare* ...

Hmm.. okay, well this story arc was going pretty darn well up until this issue. I was enjoying the well paced, high octane, thrill-ride of a story but then I get to read this waste of time as a concluding issue.

To be quite honest, this was a poor ending and could have been rounded up in a much more climatic and dramatic way than it was here. I think its blindingly obvious how this story ends if you know what its about and well.. yeah.. that's basically what happens. Thing is, aside from being a poor ending, it wasn't exactly written very well either. The narration seemed a little weak and we get sprung with this sudden concept of 'Rage' which came completely out of the blue and ended up being the key factor which decided the outcome of this story! Bizarre stuff.

Good artwork, Travel Foreman delivers once again.

I thought the look into the future here was just dumb for the one page which it duelled on. I hate it when comics look into the future and say stuff will happen which will obviously never turn out to be what actually happens. But who knows.. I thought it was dumb and slightly meaningless.

The end page was a nice preview for the next story arc. I personally would like to see some relationship stuff between Misty and Danny, but I don't think we're ever going to get it sadly.


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