A Pleasure Reading Experience
Review for Classic Red Sonja Remastered 4-A

Comic Book by Dynamite Entertainment, Sep 01 2010
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October 13, 2010

A Pleasure Reading Experience

With Issue #4 the Red Sonja and the Ring of Ikribu story arc comes to an end. The story is based on a novel by David C Smith and Richard L Tierney. The comic adaptation is done by Roy Thomas with Esteban Maroto as artists. This is a remastered of the black and white stories originally published in Savage Sword of Conan #230-233.

My feeling is that the original black and white was better presented than the remastered colored version I am now reviewing. Somehow the coloring process has distorted some of the features in certain panels that show Red Sonja's facial features. With that aside, the story is engaging as only Roy Thomas can deliver consistently; he did it with Conan and with Red Sonja.

Red Sonja again faces the dilemma of the heart against her bow not to love or be loved unless defeated in combat. This time the choice is taken from her by tragic circumstances. The story is fast paced and full of surprises, till the very end. The cover art by Pablo Marcos is classic Red Sonja adding to the pleasure of the reading experience.


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