The Cutting Edge of Death!
Review for Iron Man (1968) 65-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 1973
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December 29, 2012

The Cutting Edge of Death!

Iron Man (1968 - 1996 1st Series) #65 (Dec. '73) by Mike Friedrich, George Tuska and Mike Esposito is part three of a four-part story of Iron Man's battle against Dr. Spectrum and his Power Prism infused with the mind of Krimonn the Skrull. Also in this issue, Happy Hogan has had enough of his wife Pepper lauding Tony Stark as a warm, sensitive human being while his "bodyguard" Iron Man is a cold, emotionless iron-clad adventurer. Hogan shows his wife that Tony Stark ~is~ Iron Man to prove to her she doesn’t know Tony at all. Cameo appearances by Luke Cage, Edwin Jarvis and Thor. Beginning in 1974, Iron Man was a bi-monthly title from issues #66 - 74 (Feb. '74 - May '75).


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