Agent Orange: Part 1
Review for Green Lantern (2005) 39-A

Comic Book by DC, Apr 01 2009
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April 15, 2009

Agent Orange: Part 1

The first part of the long awaited and highly anticipated 'Blackest Night' storyline is here and kicks off within this issue.

This is the first appearance we see of the Orange Lanterns, or more specifically, one Orange Lantern in particular called Larfreeze who (from the sound of things) if a force to be reckoned with! This guy demands stuff, and if he doesn't get what he wants, he unleashes an unstopable wrath! I'm liking this guy already!

That was pretty much the premise of this whole issue in a nutshell, just introducing the Orange Lanterns into the overall plot so we can move on. It was decent and worked well for these parts which were about the Orange Lanterns.

But otherwise, the bits which weren't about Orange Lanterns didn't interest me or or get me gripped all that much. I mean they certainly weren't bad at all, but they weren't all that enjoyable and came across as a little hard to get into at times. Sometimes, it seemed as though these bits were just a tad dull, and just plodding along without any fun.

At least it kept things moving and progressed the plot line along at a superb pace! I'm excited to see where everything turns next!

I also want to say something about the artwork. It's very distracting and is so good at times that it becomes a serious problem for me, in drawing my concentration away from the story. And when you've got a fairly hectic and busy storyline, and you're trying to keep uptodate mentally on what is going on with all the different coloured lantern corps and all the different characters, the last thing you want to be doing is losing concentration over the artwork! Philip Tan is too good for this book! It's to distracting! Lol!

To wrap things up here, this issue was good. But for me personally, I had problems in some parts with it being a bit bogged down, and also with the artwork being so good it was distracting! 3 stars.


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