Seriously. How do some of these get Greenlit?
Review for Chuck Norris 2-A

Comic Book by Star, Mar 01 1987
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March 24, 2013

Seriously. How do some of these get Greenlit?

This is an example of how stupid decision makers can be sometimes.

Steve Ditko did the art for this, I think. I am not sure if Ditko has a son. Not sure if his son weas 2 years old when this comic was published. But, this comic looks like it was drawn by Steve Ditkos 2 year old son.

I mean, I have nothing more to say about the art than that. it's horrible. Just, as bad as comic art gets.

The story? Really? I mean, I know this is a Star Imprint comic, but, come on. It's so watered down that it's insulting to the intelligence of Steve Ditkos maybe 2 year old son.

I won't bother explaining the story, except to say that the bad guys aren't really that bad. The good guys are impossibly good. The action scenes are horrible. the dialogue makes me want to kick Marvel Comics as a whole right square in the nuts.

even the inking is bad (and I almost never even comment on the inking)

Chuck Norris may be able to win Connect Four in only three moves, but he can't star in a good comic book.

Please avoid. 1/2 out of 5 stars. Only buy it for kitsch value alone.


Chuck Norris doesn't lick stamps, he stares at them until they wet themself...

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