52 REVIEW - War Machine
Review for Men of War (2011) 1-B

Comic Book by DC, Nov 01 2011
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October 13, 2011

52 REVIEW - War Machine

This story starts with Cpl Rock, grandson of Sgt Rock in a pile of rubble looking like he just got his a$$ kicked. From there the story takes you to why and how he got there of course! It's a good story. And this book makes an attempt to show how the military reacts to super humans running around the DC Universe - or the very least starts to. That being said, I really hope this book plays this out more. It's an interesting angle, how normal people react to super heroes and in the case of the military - what and how do they defeat them.

Oh yeah, there's a back-up story about NAVY Seals which is boring... Just to throw that out there.

All in all - art fits the tone of the book, and there could be something here. - 3.5/5.


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