Bad history
Review for Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1985) 12-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Sep 01 1986
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October 23, 2012

Bad history

Reading this mid 80's Marvel Limited Series feels like reading a real piece of Marvel History....but written by a very poor historian.

Considering the massive impact that these two characters have had on the Marvel U. it is impossible to not see some of the seeds in this story.

In this issue alone we have: 1) The birth of Vision and Wanda's sons (well, fake sons, right? 2) Magneto taking a more active and positive role in the life of his Daughter (?) Scarlet Witch. 3) The humanizing of the Vision. 4) Grim Reaper returning from the dead, raised by Nekra. 5) The second appearance of Wonder Man's absolute worst costume ever. The continuation of Crystal's affair that send Quicksilver into another villainous run. 6) The raising of the "fake" Simon Williams. 7) Dr. Strange actually being a doctor.

Plus lot's of other little nuggets. So, some fairly big Marvel stuff.

It's just all so poorly written though. It's so touchy feely. Vision and Wanda are so very much in loooovveee, and they have real relationships with real people in their community that noone cares about.

Magneto just plays so much better as a villain or a heavy. Here, he is just some lame-o.

Wonder Man is written well, but that costume is so horrible and the villains he faces are so weak compared to him that it is laughable.

The absolute funniest thing is that Wanda actually wears a maternity version of her super hero costume. It's friggin' hilarious.

At any rate, Magneto and Wonder Man, in the weirdest team up ever, beat the crap out of the fake Simon (in full on Rambo gear--they even call him Rambo), Nekra (a poor excuse for a super villain) and the reconstituted Grim Reaper (who falls apart when he realizes he's a zombie). They do this while Dr. Strange is helping birth the babies.

Another surreal moment is when Dr. Strange wraps up a fight against a dimension class baddy (that I never heard of) so that he can answer his "beeper". It's just so ridiculous.

But, at least the Richard Howell Pencils suck.

1 1/2 stars. I do think any real Marvel fan needs to pick up this series because of the historical aspect. However, the art is subpar and the writing is so sacharine (sp?) that it is difficult to enjoy.


I recall reading way back when it came out and yes the scarlet maternity nighty is funny. The Vision with emotions was an odd thing to do to his character. I loved WM orighal cosdtume only.....

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