A Dazzling Reintroduction!
Review for Rocketeer Adventures (2011) 1-A

Comic Book by IDW, May 01 2011
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May 23, 2011

A Dazzling Reintroduction!

IDW's ROCKETEER ADVENTURES #1 was such an easy purchase, it's not even funny. I picked this book up without even giving it a second thought, and according to other comic-collecting friends I've spoken with, I'm not the only one.

The original high adventure hero explodes through the panels of comic books once again in a series of short stories and pin-ups that you just can't help but drool over. And IDW has pulled out all the stops: Alex Ross, John Cassaday and many other comic legends contribute throughout the issue with stunning artwork and stories that bring the ROCKETEER back to life. Oh. And there's Cliff's girl Betty, too.

Ah, Betty.

Dave Stevens would be proud.

As is the case with many of IDW's titles, there are multiple variants (6 as of this writing) to collect...just enough to get you excited about pulling out all that ROCKETEER memorabilia you collected when the movie came out years ago. But don't just stop there. Along with this book, is a very nifty "HUNDRED PENNY PRESS" edition that reprints early Dave Stevens' ROCKETEER tales.

So strap a vaccum to your back and pretend you're fighting heavily-armed mobsters or evil nazi spies. Take that extra money you would have spent on another boring MARVEL variant, and take a chance on IDW's ROCKETEER ADVENTURES.

You can also find many other ROCKETEER items, from comics to trading cards on Comic Collector Live.com. Type in "ROCKETEER" in the library search, and blast off to adventure!


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