"Revisiting Opal" - A Review of Starman #81
Review for Starman (1994) 81-A

Comic Book by DC, Mar 01 2010
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January 21, 2010

"Revisiting Opal" - A Review of Starman #81

Ahhh...Opal City.

Writer James Robinson welcomes us back for a glimpse inside the city he made famous during his classic "STARMAN" series, which ran from 1994 (#0) until 2001 (#80). At a time when readers were knee-deep in large shoulder-padded, gun-carrying vigilantes and large breasted women with whips, writer James Robinson gave fans an honest, down-to-earth look at a man's legacy and his journey to become his own man and his own hero.

"STARMAN" isn't a comic series, so much as it's a comic "odyssey" and in this one-shot, James Robinson returns to give fans a look at how Opal and its' citizens have fared since Jack hung up his star.


Opal seems to be...just fine. There's not much going on there anymore from the super-hero front, at least nothing "Bobo" Bennetti can't handle. The story is focused more on the Shade and his relationship with Hope. Told in true Robinson/Starman fashion, the presence of the supporting cast of Starman is so strong, that you hardly notice Jack's not there once the story begins. Which brings up another point to this book I'd like make:

One of the reasons I was so looking forward to this book was the potential to see Jack Knight in action one more time, as Charity prophized might happen "one more time" in STARMAN #80. But he didn't. And you know what? After reading this book, I'm ok with that. In an era where nothing more than a revolving door seems to seperate a live character from a dead one, Jack's retirement was poignant...so much so that I'm glad Robinson didn't bring him back for this one issue. Perhaps there's still a greater tale than this one for Starman to take part in? Or maybe his best tales are behind him.

Either way, I'm glad I bought this book, and you will be too.

I gave this book 5 stars. Somehow, it just seemed fitting.


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