Timothy Truman is pretty really awesome
Review for Scout 11-A

Comic Book by Eclipse, Sep 01 1986
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October 16, 2012

Timothy Truman is pretty really awesome

The art in this series is absolutely top-notch. Timothy Truman just draws gorgeously detailed characters and environments. You can tell he is absolutely agonizing over every little detail. Even plant leaves are detailed.

The Scout himself (while looking extremely similar to another contemporary Truman character, Gaunt from Grimjack) just looks like a grisled character from a John Wayne movie. You just know you don't want to F with him. The detail right down to his jeans and the stock on his rifle is just perfect.

In this issue a military organization is trying to enlist scout in an assasination, so they send an "elite" squad after him in the middle of the open desert. Scout, of course, dispatches them easily. "I won't be killed. You know that. I won't be taken either. You know that." His only actual spoken dialogue in the entire comic. Classic.

He is finally subdued...we think (it's a cliffhanger), by a soldier from his past driving a giant suit of battle armor.

There is a subplot about a terrorist organization taking over NORAD. Now, NORAD isn't what it once was. Scout takes place in a dystopian future. They gain control of Nukes in the process. The terrorist leader is very effectively evil. Truly a character to hate that will leave the reader with a satisfying feeling when Scout inevitably takes him down.

There is a very cliched backup story, also written (but not illustrated by Truman) called "Monday: The exterminator". Something happened in Viet Nam, now, 15 years later an entire squad is being murdered. Very cliche, but nonetheless suspenseful for it.

3 1/2 out of 5. Writing is good. Art is superior. Scout is a pretty cool character.

By the way, the vignette about owls contained within is pretty engaging.


Couldn't agree with you more. Truman is the man!! Love his work from Scout to Grimjack(my personal favorite) to starslayer run.

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