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March 01, 2014
Guardians of the Galaxy (2013) 0.1-A
Review: Pretty Cool
I am new to GotG, so I really enjoyed this origin story. I picked it up after I watched the movie tr
March 02, 2010
Spider-Man: The Clone Saga 1-A
Review: Not Bad! Not Bad at All
This retelling of a sore spot in Spidey's history begins with a bang! The first of six issues, I enj
March 02, 2010
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 622-A
Review: Flash Gives This Rating a Bump
This 2 story issue had a good story and a not so good story. Who would have ever thought that Flash
February 18, 2010
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 620-A
Review: With Mysterio It's Always Misdirection
And misdirected is how I felt reading the last few issues of "The Gauntlet" arc. The surgeons are tr
February 14, 2010
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 619-A
Review: Aunt May Experiences PMS Years After Menopause
That is the best part of this story! Mysterio has everyone confused, even me. Not sure what is real
February 13, 2010
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 618-A
Review: The Gauntlet Is Just a Smelly Sock
Please stop torturing me with this story arc! It's making me want to sell my collection. What the he
February 11, 2010
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 617-A
Review: Love Has Turned The Rhino To Mush!
The Rhino has found true love, and the girl has him whipped big time! Little did we know that the du
December 05, 2009
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 612-A
Review: The Gauntlet Begins
Electro is having problems controlling his electrical discharges while Spidey saves a belligerent gu
December 05, 2009
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 611-A
Review: The Knock-Off Spider-Man With Guns!
Loved this issue! Spidey vs Deadpool! The battle banter was fantastic, the dichotomy was intriguing,
November 08, 2009
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 610-A
Review: Who wants to retrospect?
The End? What? A reflection of what Peter Parker could have been? My gosh, typical Marvel. Great sta
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