X-men # 1

Okay folks here it goes for my first review. Just finished X-men #1 and got to say at the moment ..Not to thrilled. The direct market cover was beautiful and sexy with all the X- women on it and the art on the inside didn't diappoint either but you will at least have to know some about the X-universe if you want to understand this books characters. That may put off new readers unless you plan on buying back issues or trades. The villian off the story is some kind of virus from space thats way older than the universe or at least earth and it hates us and it's twin that did battle with each other way before any of us was around.Brian Wood(the writer) tries to fill you in on this conflict in the first two pages but then the story falls short some where after.He doesn't explain why the characters know one of the villians(the good one)and at the end jumps into a new body of a villian from one of the x books that was locked up. A new reader may scratch his or her heads and ask..What?? Oliver Coipel is one of the best artist for this series and holds up for eye candy from the cover to the last page.The colors for all that eye candy was also beautifully done by Laura Martin.All in all if you like x-men you will enjoy this book but to a new reader save it and read up some before you start.

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May 31, 2013


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