Malibu Comics Reunion at 2012 San Diego Comic-Con

We just arrived Thursday in San Diego at about noon. The cab got us to the hotel, a $10 "gift" to the desk clerk got us an early check in, and the shuttle bus took forever to get us to the Convention Center.

Next was to check in and get our badges, then scramble to find the right room in this huge building with 135,000 attendees.

We walked into the panel about 2 minutes after it began, the Malibu Comics retrospective, and there on the stage were the four guys who started it all in the 80s: Tom Mason, Dave Olbrich, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, and Chris Ulm! What a gas seeing all four of these guys together at the same time in at least 15 years.

Malibu Comics, which published Image Comics for several years, which also published Eternity comics, and which ultimately brought us the incredible Malibu Ultraverse!

The real kick was seeing how much fun these four guys seemed to be having remembering and sharing the "old days," when they were just starting out and struggling. There seemed to be terrific chemistry that was still there.

Tom Mason was very impressive, a really thoughtful, soft and well-spoken, and patient guy who seemed to be willing to answer as many questions as he was asked. And with real answers, never making you feel he was just brushing you off.

Dave Olbrich alwasy seemed to be smiling, or laughing heartily. He was clearly having fun and I just think he had to be a really great guy to work with or for.

Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is a whole 'nother animal. He seems like pure energy, he just never sat still, arms flailing about -- I got a little tired just watching him moving constantly. Scott of course is now the CEO of Platinum Studious and is credited with bringing about the Men In Black franchise, as well as the Cowboys and Aliens movie.

Chris Ulm was the most reserved, at least during the panel and afterwards in the hall while we were asking questions. I may be wrong about this, but Chris came across almost shy. Wish I had gotten a chance to talk to him more.

As a serious Ultraverse Collector, for me, that 90 minutes spent in the panel presentation, and then talking and getting photos taken out in the hall afterwards, was the highpoint of the entire Con.

Let's be sure we do it again next year when the Ultraverse celebrates its 20th anniversary!

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July 17, 2012


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