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G.I. Joe (1991) Base Set
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Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 60-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 1990

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $.50
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Item Details
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 60-A by Marvel
Marvel Comics Presents (1988) 60-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"On the Road, Part 7 of 8: Top of the World" featuring Wolverine

*Now that the Hulk and Wolverine know the menace they are facing, can they truly hold him responsible for anything that has transpired -- or, are they, themselves, to blame?

Will they be able to remedy the situation -- or is it too late?!

"Vandals of the Heart, Part 1 of 8: Hate Dancer" featuring Poison

*Cecilia Cardinale went to prison on a spurious charge of prostitution and later was expelled from Cuba. Cecilia and her child would have died in a Miami refugee camp if not for the intervention of a disembodied entity called Ylandris. Now, with the warrior skills and weird "body sorcery" taught her by Ylandris, Cecilia roams the night searching for others betrayed by love -- and punishing the betrayers.

"Separate Lives, Part 1 of 4: Yesterdays" featuring the Scarlet Witch

*For many years, Wanda the Scarlet Witch aided the Avengers with her mutant powers to alter probabilities. Then, her mentor, Agatha Harkness, taught her to direct and increase her powers through witchcraft. Now, in an effort to continue her studies, Wanda faces a shocking danger in the halls of Harvard.

"The American Way" featuring Captain America.

*Steve Rogers ... born in the USA and raised to cherish the ideals of democracy. Endowed with a superhuman physique, and driven to be the most capable combatant in the world. Now, as both lone crusader and leader of the renowned Avengers, he fights an ongoing battle for liberty, justice and the American dream. *Source: Inside front cover
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Comic Book
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2011)
Jan 2013
$10.00   NM
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Comic Book
Conan (2004)
Jun 2005
$2.10   VF
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Comic Book
G.I. Joe: The Hunt for Cobra Commander
May 2006
$1.00   NM
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Comic Book
Jul 2000
$2.10   VF-
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