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Showcase '94 4-A

Comic Book by DC, Apr 01 1994

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Near Mint - CCL Grade

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Showcase '94 4-A by DC
Showcase '94 4-A by DC


Cover Price:$1.95
Publish Date:APR 01 1994
Content:CCA Approved



Item Biography

The Arkham Inmates in "Madmen Across the Water, Part 2 of 2"
Written by Alan Grant, penciled by Tim Sale, inked by Jimmy Palmiotti.
*As the Arkham inmates learn how to play softball, Jeremiah Arkham learns that Doctor Faustus (a fairly normal guy, apart from the fact he believes Satan asks him to kill at least one person a month in exchange for immortality) has excellent leadership skills and is able to shape the disparate personalities into something resembling a team. The big day of the match against the Blackgate inmates arrive and things are going very well until some of the Blackgate team taunt Amygdala, causing a full-blown riot to cover an escape attempt. The attempt fails, and Doctor Faustus is killed in the process. As for the game, it is debatable which side one, but Zehrhard insists that his side, the Blackgate inmates, were the victors, and all of Arkham's charges are confined to their cells around the clock. He desperately longs for the day when the Asylum is rebuilt.* Source: DCGuide.com.

Razor Sharp and the Psyba-Rats in "Banzai, Good Buddy"
Written by Chuck Dixon, penciled by Howard Porter, inked by Mark Stegbauer.
*Razorsharp and Hackrat give the security guards a good run around, largely aided by Rae's meta-human ability to transform her arms (and, it seems, her legs) into razor-sharp metal blades. When they finally reach their goal, and insert the computer virus into the system, they are congratulated by the building's owner, T. Clyde Pontefract. It seems it was him who hired them, to find out is his security was adequate, which it evidently isn't.* Source: DCGuide.com.

Blue Beetle in "Caged City, Chapter 3 of 3: Bug City"
Written by Brian Augustyn, penciled by Patrick Rolo, inked by Dick Giordano.
*After an aerial chase between several airships very similar to his own Bug, the Blue Beetle is able to call the Feds in to Freemont to end the reign of Kurtz. Before he leaves, he ascertains that the patents to his technology were sold to the Freemont Project by his father Thomas. Quite why, Beetle doesn't know, but he's determined to find out.* Source: DCGuide.com.

Cover art by Kyle Baker.


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