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Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 1-A

Magazine by Quantum Cat Entertainment, Apr 01 1998

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Very Fine/Near Mint CCL Grade

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Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 1-A by Quantum Cat Entertainment
Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 1-A by Quantum Cat Entertainment


Cover Price:$5.95
Publish Date:APR 01 1998
Sale Date:MAR 04 1998
Caption:Frank Frazetta Cover

Item Biography

"Shadows In the Mist, Part 1: Web of Fear"
Master Honch's daughter has been kidnapped, and the strange guard Shugug who let it happen will be put to death if they can catch him. As the chase proceeds to find the girl, Shugug redeems himself by saving Honch from a death trap. 10 pages.

"The Psychic Wars"
In the future where soldiers are outfitted with psychic enhancements, they can deal death from a distance. Two masters at the craft face each other in a death duel. 8 pages.

"Dinosaur Poems"
A collection of spot-illustrated poems, including "The Dinosaur Parade", "I'm Sentimental Over You", and "I Hate Mammals". 4 pages.

"The Jury" featuring the creatures of ElfQuest.
A man whom had taken in a wolf for pet for his child takes the creature to the woods to kill it for mauling his child. The Elves intercede, and try to teach the wolf the ways of the wild with little success. 14 pages.

"Hellriders, Part 1"
In a future New York, a band of carnivorous mutates is on the run with their transport leaking fuel. On their tail are two parties. The first is a band riding dinosaurs, led by Priestess Paigyn. The other is a man, T.J. Hackett, who is hunting the mutates that feed on humans. 9 pages.

"Little Things"
A little boy learns to listen to his Grampa when he tells him not to eat candy in bed. After all, the monsters who live under his bed love candy. 10 pages.

"Infernus Terra, Part 1"
Cyrus is the lead warrior for Lord Y'Bor, and it too brutal in most people's opinions. He tracks the Lord's enemies and leads in their slaughter. 7 pages.

David Mack's story about a Japanese agent, wounded and psychologically damaged, living a fractured existence behind a mask. 12 pages.



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