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Mystic (2000) 1-A

Comic Book by CrossGen, Jul 2000

CCL Grade: Very Fine
Price $1.00
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Cover Price:$2.95
Publish Date:JUL 2000
Sale Date:JUN 07 2000
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No Story Arcs
Mystic (2000) 1-A by CrossGen
Mystic (2000) 1-A by CrossGen
Item Bio
The universe grows cold, its energy diminished, it is stagnant, dying. "Creator" and "Mentor" discuss the current declining state of the universe. Mentor suggests a plan to break the stagnation. Creator should 'mark' a single individual on each world with a touch, leaving a sign (the sigil) and incredible power...and see what develops. Each sigil-bearer will be given no warning, no direction, and no guidance. Their individual choices and use of their power will result in breaking the balance of power, releasing energy through conflict...

First, Ciress, a world where the people use the energies of the whole to perform magic and illusion! Magical ability is commonplace. Many pursue the magical arts through study in one of the seven Guilds which hold power here. But some, like Giselle Villard, have no interest in exploring or using mystical forces. Giselle is interested only in where the next society party will be held. In contrast, her sister, Genevieve, has spent her entire life training to be a sorcerer and is, in fact, due to become the next Master of the Nouveau Guild.

Circumstances, however, occur which alter this event. At the ceremony, in the presence of the other Guild Masters, Genevieve is about to receive the spirit and accumulated knowledge of the prior Master of the Nouveau Guild. But during the proceedings, Giselle is approached by a strange orange eyed visitor, who offers a simple "Congratulations" and a hand-shake which changes the results in a most dramatic way. Giselle feels a strange sensation in her hand and, in a panic, attempts to leave the rite of passage. Suddenly the spirit of the prior Nouveau Guild Master and the spirits of all of the other Guild Masters violently depart their hosts and transfer to Giselle, a most unwilling recipient! Giselle also discovers she has received an unusual mark in the palm of her right hand...the Sigil! All of this observed by a Squit, a small furry creature with unusual orange eyes!!!

Note: Each of CrossGen's titles is a self contained story line, presenting stories in a particular genre. "Mystic" represents the mystical arts and political intrigue. You do not have to read all of the titles to understand what is going on. However, there IS a very interesting back story which ties all of the titles together. Each story contains clues and ties to the entire CrossGen Universe and a much richer, bigger story.

Next book for the 'big picture' of the Crossgen Universe: Sigil #1

Previous book for the 'big picture' of the Crossgen Universe: Crossgenesis #1
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