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Massachusetts, US
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Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 79-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 1969

CCL Grade: Very Good
Price $20.00
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Not Available
Item Details
Item Data 
Cover Price:$.15
Publish Date:DEC 1969
Content:CCA Approved
Story Arcs 
No Story Arcs
John BuscemaArtist
Jim MooneyArtist
John Romita Sr.Artist
Sam "Sammy" RosenArtist
Stan LeeEditor
Stan LeeWriter
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 79-A by Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man (1963) 79-A by Marvel
Item Bio
"To Prowl No More!"

Spider-Man faces neophyte would-be vigilante, the Prowler on the rooftops of New York. Caught off-guard by a sneaky gas attack, Spidey lets the Prowler furtively slip away.
As the Prowler was in the process of ripping off the Daily Bugle safe, he was confronted by Peter Parker, who used his initiative to fake falling out a window to get a chance to change into his Spider-duds.

Wracked with guilt and contrition over Parker's apparent death, Hobie Brown elects to capture Spidey and bring him in to the police as the Prowler.

Hobie learns fast, the hard way, that he is nowhere near strong enough or experienced to deal with the wall-crawler at the top of his game. When Spidey discovers that the Prowler is just a misguided teenager, not much younger than himself he deigns to give him the benefit of a second chance.
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10/7/2015 6:54:02 PM
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