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Jul 9,2007
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$29.95 14 Items
Atlantis Attacks With Sponge promo
All 14 part, with a SPECIAL LTD, promo sponge. (see pic).

Not a HOAX!

Not an Imaginary story!

* Part 1: Silver Surfer Annual #2
* Part 2: Iron Man Annual #10
* Part 3: X-Men Annual #13
* Part 4: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #23
* Part 5: Punisher Annual #2
* Part 6: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9
* Part 7: Daredevil Annual #5 (mislabeled as Annual #4)
* Part 8: Avengers Annual #18
* Part 9: New Mutants Annual #5
* Part 10: X-Factor Annual #4
* Part 11: Web of Spider-Man Annual #5
* Part 12: Avengers West Coast Annual #4
* Part 13: Thor Annual #14
* Part 14: Fantastic Four Annual #22
Bundled Lot
$8.99 4 Items
BATMAN by David Finch
The first 4 issues of this groundbreaking Batman series...
Bundled Lot
$22.00 2 Items
BATMAN/HellBoy/Starman set
VERY hard to find in NM- or better! Snap this up FAST!
Bundled Lot
$17.95 8 Items
BATMAN: City of LIGHT complete set.
8 issues, NM, great PANDER BROS. artwork. 'Nuff said.
Bundled Lot
$22.00 9 Items
BATMAN: Death and the Maidens set
NM, best set on the interwebs!
Bundled Lot
$9.95 8 Items
Batman: Family Complete set.
NM, all 8 issues, priced to sell.
Bundled Lot
$19.95 12 Items
BATMAN: Journey into Knight complete set 1-12
NM, priced right for this nice set. Tan Eng Haut at his BEST!
Bundled Lot
$9.95 7 Items
BATMAN: Odyssey set
NM Neal Adams experimental theme.
Bundled Lot
$7.50 5 Items
Bundled Lot
$7.95 5 Items
BATMAN: Unseen by Kelly Jones
NM, Doug Moench and Kelly Jones. 'Nuff said!
Bundled Lot
$135.00 79 Items
BATMAN:Gotham Knights Complete set 74 issues
Most issues NM (only 3 in VF/NM) for an astoundingly low price! FREE SHIPPING and Insurance (USA Only)
Bundled Lot
$23.99 6 Items
BATMAN\TURTLES adventures Subscription VARIANT SET
All 6 SUBSCRIPTION COVERS, NM Bagged and Boarded
Bundled Lot
$3.95 3 Items
BatMat Vs. WildCat set
Nice NM mini series.
Bundled Lot
$35.00 2 Items
Big Guy & Rusty 1st. print set
both volumes of Big Guy & Rusty, 1st prints, EXCELLENT shape. FREE SHIPPING. USA only.
Bundled Lot
$150.00 9 Items
Includes an ILLISTRATED custom SlipCase produced by Barry Windsor-Smith.

Only 9 volumes of the 12 were produced, but these are ALL-Original First Prints! Tip in the slipcase and you have a VERY rare gem indeed!

Buy this now so my best regular customer can be HAPPY!!!

Ships insured, buyer pays EXACT shipping.
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$4.00 6 Items
CountDown: Alternate Timeline Army
Lord Havok tries to 'convince' some heroes to join his timeline army. Takes place between issues of COUNTDOWN.
Bundled Lot
$15.00 20 Items
Dark Horse INSIDER lot
Contains issues 1-20 of the outstanding preview magazine, PLUS interviews with the likes of Frank Miller, and some comics never released!

Knockout price!
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$325.00 2 Items
Detective #1000 Alex Ross Set

Ships insured, for FREE.
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$69.99 4 Items
DK METAL 1 MATTINA Color Sketch Virgin set of 4
Dark Nights Metal 1 Francesco Mattina Color Sketch Virgin Set 4 Variant Batman

Dark Night Metal Francesco Mattina Color Variant LTD to 3000

Dark Night Metal Francesco Mattina Color Virgin Variant LTD to 600

Dark Night Metal Francesco Mattina Sketch Variant LTD to 1500

Dark Night Metal Francesco Mattina Sketch Virgin Variant LTD to 600

Ships INSURED at no extra cost!
Bundled Lot
$89.99 4 Items
The 4 LENTICULAR Issues that STARTED the WATCHMEN Integration into the DC REBIRTH UNIVERSE!!!


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OK b/c this was a 50cent sale, but very hazy concept of NM- & VF/NM grade...lots of these F at best
Thanks for the awesome deal!
Thanks for the awesome deal!
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Thanks for the sale! Books were packed well and in good shape.
Fantastic product. Excellent service and communication. Thanks very much.
good packing, one book solid, other "NM" book more VF - good value on one book so yay!
Highly recommended.
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Comic Book
Suicide Squad (2011) 1-C
May 01 2016
$1.00 NM-
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Comic Book
All-Star Squadron 45-A
May 01 1985
$1.00 NM-
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Frank Frazetta Fantasy Illustrated 2-A
Jul 01 1998
$9.99 NM
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Comic Book
Hulk (2008) 14-A
Oct 01 2009
$4.00 NM-
Not in Wishlist Wishlist
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