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Tuesday, August 20, 2013 12:31:31 AM
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I thought I'd try this since collected editions are my favorite format and see if anyone else had any interest since the comic book pickups thread does so well.

I recently got the following with some credit I had at an online shop.

Teen Titans by Geoff Johns Omnibus - This book is huge but quite outstanding and even includes the Captain Carrot backups.
Contents: Teen Titans 1-26, 29-46, 50; Teen Titans 1/2; Teen Titans/Outsiders Secret Files; Beast Boy 1-4; Teen Titans/Legion of Super-Heroes Special; Outsiders 24-25; Robin 146-147; Teen Titans Annual 1; Infinite Crisis 5-6 (Titans parts); story from Legends of the DCU 80-Page Giant 1.

Flash by Geoff Johns Omnibus Vol 2 - another solid book and much bigger then the first Flash Omnibus volume. I love Kolins artwork and this for me concludes my favorite part of Johns' Flash run. The two page spread with the destruction caused by Grodd is simply one of the most beautiful things captured on paper.
Contents: DC First Flash/Superman 1; Flash 177-200

Hawkman by Geoff Johns Omnibus - catching a trend here? lol Another beautiful book and a great read.
Contents: Hawkman 1-25; Hawkman Secret Files 1; JSA 56-58

Jack Kirby Omnibus Vol. 2 Starring The Super Powers - I love this line of DC Omnibus books. I'm still missing a few Kirby ones (Challengers, Kamandi 2, and Boy Commandos) but this is over 600 pages of pure Kirby goodness and on paper that reminds of reading this stuff as a kid. Highly recommend if you like DC Kirby. The only thing I don't like is that it doesn't include the covers that he didn't do. I'm also hoping they eventually find a way to do the Manhunter series he did.
Contents: Black Magic 1-8; First Issue Special 1, 5-6; Richard Dragon: Kung Fu Fighter 3; Kobra 1; Sandman 1-6; DC Comics Presents 84; Super Powers (vol. 1) 1-5; Super Powers (vol. 2) 1-6; Who's Who pages.

Anyone pick up anything recently?
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