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Wednesday, November 18, 2020 2:40:58 PM
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wildd0g wrote:
Thundercron wrote:
It would definitely be a blow if DC stopped publishing weeklies. The bigger domino to watch would be if Disney/Marvel follows suit. I think that's when things would really start to happen. I suspect the bottom might fall out of Diamond. With the majority of their product disappearing between Marvel and DC, I think the only way for them to survive would be to lessen the discounts given to shops, which in turn would hurt the comic shops' bottom line. Or, if Diamond goes away, the remaining publishers may have to resort to selling directly to buyers via the internet. Whatever the scenario, it doesn't bode well for comic stores. I think the only shops that could survive are ones that have a strong online presence.

I honestly don't see Marvel following DC if they stopped publishing physical copies. I'm more afraid of them doubling down on product! I do believe even the DC only collectors would still head to the shops (at least at first) to try and find something new to latch on to.

As far as Diamond, DC already left and they seem to still be thriving. So as long as Marvel sticks around, they should be good.

Obviously DC won't sell off it's properties. They still need ownership for the movie/tv side of things. But I have noticed a lot of indies schilling their wares on Kickstarter. They could keep their writer and artist staff at a minimum and still create new content. It isn't ideal, but feasible.

I disagree on the Marvel front. Look at what is happening with Disney. Too big to fail? The reason they are so successful as a movie studio is because they have business ventures other studios do not. Amusement parks and them parks, hotels, cruise ships. All that is gone now, mostly all shuttered with no end in sight. Any big budget movie they release right now is guaranteed to lose money as well. They can no longer afford to prop up unprofitable wings of the company like comic publishing. Folding the comic publishing and offering books digitally as part of their Disney Plus package makes more financial sense. Disney even announced recently that their streaming service is the future of the company.
Thursday, November 19, 2020 1:13:02 PM
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Maybe if DC hadn't wasted all of that money publishing those stupid metal covers then they could hang on for another year or two. Devil Shame on You Whistle

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