Terminator Meets Total Recall
Review for Hard Boiled 1-A

Comic Book by Dark Horse, Sep 01 1990
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December 04, 2010

Terminator Meets Total Recall

Now here is a concept borrowed from Philip K Dick. Frank Miller does great honor to Dick’s play with reality as he brings us a Tax Collector that lives a normal life like any middle class paper pusher living in the suburbs and turns him into a crazed killer that may very well not even be human. The car scenes which could be a dream or real depending on what we see in future issues clearly place him beyond humanity.

Miller does a great blending of the Terminator and Total Recall to deliver an action pack comic that pushes all the right buttons to ensure you will continue reading the next installment of what is a great story.

The art is exceptionally well done with a lot of respect to the details that are required to ensure a realistic portrayal is achieved in what could otherwise be a very messy interpretation of the text.


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