Dead Man Logan #1


Comic Name: Dead Man Logan #1 Release Date: 28/11/18

It’s been a few days since I posted a review so apologies. Now that the festive season is over we can regain some normality!

It looks like it’s time to bury on Old Man/Dead Man Logan...

So as we find out Logan is dying, but there’s one last thing he has to do before he goes...KILL MYSTERIO. I was quite surprised as throughout this comic the humor alongside the action beats in the narrative. It might be weird to call a Logan’s final appearance “fun,” but I gotta say that’s exactly wha it is. I LOVED IT!!!

Killing Mysterio seems like the only way to end Old Man/Dead Man Logan’s story. He has been Logan’s greatest failure as a hero but I really liked the way the story pans out goes and keeps it from becoming a over exaggerated revenge mission. One of my favourite parts in the comic is when Logan assaults on the Bar with No Name, it’s quite measured compared to his past berserker outbursts.

GEEKY GUY COMICS VERDICT: I have to say that I enjoyed this comic. I found it strange that a comic like this didn’t feel like more of an event, but for me having read the Old Man Logan comics I was looking for a conclusion for the past four years of appearances and I have almost definitely found something in this series. It succeeded in setting Old Man Logan up for his final battle and the underlying plot is clear. This is Old Man Logan's final mission and he's not going to let his looming death keep him from doing what he does best. If ever there was a time to root for an old man completing his final journey, this is it. Fingers crossed #2 is just as good.

GEEKY GUY COMICS RATING: 🤓🤓🤓🤓 out of 5 . . . . #allthatgeekystuff #teamgeek #theresageekinallofus #geekmode #oldmanlogan #mysterio #xmen #getyourgeekon #comics #glob #mutants #instacomics #marvel #comicbookreviews #forge #finalmission #deadmanlogan

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January 06, 2019


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