Dead Man Logan #2


Comic Name: Dead Man Logan #2 Release Date: 19/12/18

ITS FINALLY HERE!!! And it was with the wait as this issue had so much going on that builds towards the master plan. We learned how Mysterio really feels, that Logan & Hawkeye got closer to stabbing Mysterio in the face, and Red Skull’s daughter Sin means business. NO, SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! It’s more of a narrative comic this time round with Logan and Hawkeye riffing while Mysterio and Lady Sinister attempt to make their mission seem professional. But I have to say it’s these parts that really make this comic work. I and there’s plenty of action too so you won’t be getting bored!

GEEKY GUY COMICS VERDICT: Maybe I’m a sucker for this comic hero but Dead Man Logan #2 fully keeps its promise laid out by #1 as a comic series that’s definitely worthy of saying goodbye to a character that has become a favorite of mine as well as he has for other fans over the past several years. I won’t say too much as I want you to be as shocked as I was but the opening scene has a major hero being killed and Logan pops his claws multiple times. It’s another great issue that continues to give insight into the characters. There’s an interesting twist in this issue too and enough to keep you interested while the plot thickens meaning that you won’t want to put it down...I COULDN’T!!!

GEEKY GUY COMICS RATING: 🤓🤓🤓🤓 out of 5 . . . . #allthatgeekystuff #teamgeek #theresageekinallofus #geekmode #oldmanlogan #mysterio #xmen #getyourgeekon #comics #glob #mutants #instacomics #marvel #comicbookreviews #forge #finalmission #deadmanlogan #hawkeye #sin #spiderman

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