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The ability to coherently express thoughts has always been a key feature of literacy. Even the ancient Greeks understood rhetoric as a key tool of education. The Soviet school paid great attention not so much to the skill of oral expression of thought as it placed emphasis on the written speech of students. The bureaucratic state needed not “people who speak”, but “people who write”. Hence the close attention of the Soviet school to such an educational genre of literature as an essay, which in our methodology has always been called "essay".

Like any literary activity, writing requires talent. It is wrong to think that every student can master this genre. We're not saying that knowing the basics of versification and regular practice in writing rhyming lines can bring up poets of equal stature? But on the other hand, we believe that every student of the school should master the skill of writing an essay at some general level.

As a result, children in exams always return to this format: from the final essay in literature to essays in history, social studies and - apotheosis! - foreign language. If you suddenly, even with the help of a bunch of material from the Internet, still couldn’t write it yourself, then https://essaypay.com/write-my-essay-for-me/ get your academic essays here. The best service you can find.

I sincerely believe in the ability of authors in a foreign language to generate a coherent and detailed work expressing their opinion in a foreign language, but I can assure them that sometimes it takes me several days to write a normal essay in my native language: to think over a topic, read opinions on it, think over structure, decide on the arguments, verify the theses. You can look at these quick references which will make things much clearer for you.

I wrote my essay in German about 10 years ago. And my highest score absolutely does not mean that this essay was worthy of it. In fact, this essay requires a stereotyped approach from students, is devoid of depth and thoroughness, and, most importantly, it is difficult to determine the level of vocabulary and grammar of the language from it.

However, a template is not always a bad thing. The more meaningless and regular the work, the more likely it is that the person who does it will decide to standardize his work. In this sense, an interesting example that I read about on one forum. A graduate of one of the schools said that once a brilliant essay about his favorite book written for him by a senior friend passed with him from class to class and from topic to topic. You need to write an essay "What I read this summer" - a saving blank is right there. I need to write about my hobby, and my hobby is reading, and I want to share with you the last book I read. I need to write what I want to be, and I want to be a writer, because I recently read such a wonderful book. And then about the book, respectively. You can click for more info if you still have any questions.

And plagiarism (I see stones flying at me!) is not always bad either. If you cannot sing, but you really need to, you will put on a soundtrack. If you can't write, but you have to, someone else will write for you. Here, the school essay seems to me the elder brother of the university thesis, the struggle for originality of which is unsuccessful (despite all the anti-plagiarisms of Runet). And if you suddenly thought that the theft of these very theses is a purely domestic thing, you are mistaken. Read Umberto Eco's How to Write a Thesis. “If you can’t write a paper, buy it,” said an emeritus professor at many European universities. And they do it everywhere.

Trying to teach someone something that requires talent is likely to be a scam. And its apogee will be plagiarism in the final tests. And if these tests are massive, plagiarism will be massive. And that's why the public discussion on this issue will always rest on the huge number of those who cheated, let it be written off, pretended not to see how they are cheating.

At the same time, the academic essay as a genre is problematic. Don't believe me? Ask those who check the final "essays" year after year. Read these essays for yourself. The problems of this format are solved in two ways.

The first is to cancel it as a binding. He is logical, reasonable, reliable. It comes from the thesis about the natural inequality of people and, at the same time, is the most loyal towards children. And it is absolutely impossible in the current conditions, when the nth part of society associates with the "educational essay" genre.

The second way is to revise the criteria and requirements in the programs with an eye to the different levels of results and methods of teaching writing. Just then, for children who do not have a talent for writing, you need to develop options for accessing more or less digestible hack work. How to do this, tutors-professionals know well.

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