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How to choose the right color temperature of xenon bulbs? What is the optimum temperature?

When choosing the temperature of the xenon hb3 bulb you need to keep in mind that the most optimal temperature for the human eye is 4500-5500 K. In addition to aesthetic considerations, it should be taken into account that the higher the color temperature, the less effective the xenon light is.

Why does xenon light irritate some drivers of oncoming cars?

Normally, the driver is looking straight ahead. However, because of the prominence of xenon bulbs, drivers of oncoming cars are more inclined to study the headlights of cars with HID xenon systems. A similar phenomenon accompanied the introduction of halogen bulbs in the sixties. At that time, drivers talked about "annoying white lights".

I want to put xenon on my scooter. Is it possible? I can't find xenon with the right bulb socket for my scooter/motorcycle anywhere. What to do?

Most scooter bulb sockets (especially 50cc bulbs), do not meet any of the automotive standards that xenon bulbs are made to.

In this case there is only one way out - to buy a lamp with a socket which is close in size to the original one, fix the lamp in the reflector with the help of various gadgets and tricks.

In order to pick up optimally close in size socket to the regular halogen bulb - we offer you to get acquainted with some photos of most basic types of automobile sockets:

Please note that if the lamp will have mechanical damage as the bulb and socket, the seller disclaims any liability.

What does the prefix HID mean in the name of the xenon kits?

The prefix HID means High Intensity Discharge. These words tell us how the bulb works.

They say that the 6000-8000K fails more often than the 4300-5000K. What is the problem?

Apparently because the 6000-8000K contains color additives that negatively affect lamp life because of the complex physical and chemical processes occurring inside the burner during operation, i.e. at high temperatures.

Base - part of the lamp designed to align the bulb (xenon or halogen) with the headlight reflector. There are such standards as H1, H3, H4, H7, H8|9, H11, H27(S881,S881), HB1, HB2, HB3, HB4, HB5, D2R, D2S, D1S, D4S, D3S.

Ignition unit/ignition unit (ballast) - A high-voltage transformer that converts the DC voltage of your motorcycle or car mains into the AC high-frequency voltage needed to ignite and maintain the arc in a xenon lamp.

Ignition is the primary brief (2-5 seconds) injection of a high voltage (23kV) pulse into the xenon lamp, to perform the initial breakdown of the xenon mixture. During the ignition the current in the circuit may reach 10-15A, so after the xenon is installed don't forget to install the appropriate fuses.

Color temperature is a conditional dependence of "light color" on the Kelvin color temperatures (for example: the light emitted by stars is white-blue, about 6000K, the sun's light is white-yellow, about 4000K). The most common color temperatures of xenon lamps are 4300-4500K (white-yellow, white), 5000K (white), 6000K (white-blue). In this case the lamps have the greatest light output of 4300-4500K.

Bixenon is a lamp that gives both low and high beam (as a usual 2x filament halogen bulb) by moving the bulb.

Stroboscopic effect - sequential flashes of high frequency of xenon lamp, which occur when the ignition unit works at the edges of the operating voltage range and in case of burning out of the lamp electrodes. The unit at this moment works in the ignition mode.

The cheater is a complete imitation of the presence of a halogen lamp in the circuit with its characteristic load. Cheats almost all known models of car on-board computers. The use of ballasts with such cheaters is a prerequisite for the installation of xenon on some new models of cars and motorcycles. Otherwise, the on-board computer will not fix the head light functionality with all the ensuing consequences.

Pseudo-xenon is the ordinary halogen lamps with blue coating on the bulb, which only slightly changes the color temperature of the light in the direction of white (the light is not as yellow). They have nothing in common with real xenon and illuminate the road worse than regular white halogen bulbs.

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