New Beginning for the Executive Assistants
Review for Executive Assistant: Iris (2011) 0-A

Comic Book by Aspen, Jul 01 2011
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July 07, 2011

New Beginning for the Executive Assistants

Much like volume one of the Executive Assistant: Iris series this new incarnation will feature lots of action and innovative ways to attack and protect clients from a variety of challenges. What is different is that the net has been widen to include many new Executive Assistants. In this zero issue we are introduced to Acteia and her glamorous client.

It seems that we will be having a variety of Executive Assistants interacting with each other and against each other as the graduates get dispersed throughout the world. Included in the characters will of course be Iris, we hope.

The whole concept of the Executive Assistant is exciting as it leaves many opportunities for new characters to emerge and its a challenge for the creative team to ensure there is enough diversity in the roles to keep the enthusiasm in the stratosphere.

Good luck Aspen.


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