"Call Me Snake" (A Review of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1 by BOOM!)
Review for Escape from New York 1-A

Comic Book by Boom! Studios, Dec 01 2014
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April 30, 2015

"Call Me Snake" (A Review of ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1 by BOOM!)

When approaching a comic based off such an iconic movie such as ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, there's a few things you have to do to prepare yourself.

First, you need to cue up that haunting original keyboard theme song by JOHN CARPENTER as you get ready to read.

Second, turn most of the lights off. You can have a candle or two going in the background. This is not for romantic ambience, but rather a reminder that electricity is a valuable resource in the future and not one that needs to be wasted on reading a mere comic book. Plus, it gives the illusion that you either can't afford power, or you're in an area with no power.

Now that the mood is set, let the review begin!

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1 takes place right after the events of the very first film. The crime rate has risen in the United States 400%. The world's gone down the crapper, and SNAKE PLISSKEN has just spend the last day running through the streets of NEW YORK looking for The President of the USA. Just before his countdown clock ends, PLISSKEN returns with the President, who is set to address the world via video remote. SNAKE has just destroyed the tape the President had planned to play before the world (you remember...the one he switched with Cabby's cassette?) and the book takes off from there.

The President, humiliated by SNAKE's action, revokes his pledge for a full pardon and demands Plissken's execution. But good ol' resourceful SNAKE has plans of his own. Making his escape from the POLICE FORCE, he slowly makes his way underground, looking for a purpose and a place to lay low. He meets up with a set of anarchy-driven religious zealots who plan to head to Florida, where they can be free to do and be whatever they want. Well, SNAKE screws that all up for them and makes his way to FLORIDA just to see what all the fuss is about. When he arrives, he's forced to walk through a crucible to become a citizen. And of course, he cheats his way through and makes it in one page. When they try to force SNAKE to get a job assignment in Florida, he tells them he's not having any part of that. He's about to be gunned down, when he meets two young boys named Romulus and Remus, who save SNAKE's life and claim to be the guys running the show in Florida.

The artwork by DIEGO BARRETO won't win any awards for quality, but fits the "B-Rated" feel and tone of the book very well. Honestly, it didn't matter which publisher made this book, I would buy it because SNAKE PLISSKEN is just awesome. He's the perfect anti-hero...tending to let events happen around him until he feels the need to intervene.

I'm giving this title 3 out of 5 stars, because it captures the feel of the original ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK film pretty spot on, which is a B-rated movie at best. But one of my favorite cult films of all time. If you're a fan of the film, you need to buy this book.

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