Lady Bullseye part 3
Review for Daredevil (1998) 113-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2009
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November 29, 2008

Lady Bullseye part 3

Hot damn! Brubaker is hitting the ball out of the park with this run on Daredevil and this issue is one of the best!

This character he has created called Lady Bullseye is great. Brubaker has built her up over the past 3 issues and given her a substantial origin and really given her a unique personality! I hope she sticks around as a long-time Daredevil villian once this arc is over because Im liking her!

As for the story itself, this was incredible, Brubaker has found the perfect pace for this book, he moves the plot along at a good, solid pace and really moves things along each issue as to not leave as bored, but he doesnt move it too quickly that we loose track of whats going on. No way, he makes up for that with his highly constructive and awesome dialouge, he sets a real tone and he obviously knows how to write all these characters extremely well!

The story took a lot of big turns this issue, and we finally got to see Daredevil facing off against the Lady herself and boy was it good to see!

The artwork is always brilliant as well. I cannot wait to read more issues of this awesome title!


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