The "Garbage God" made this book.
Review for Judge Child 1-A

Comic Book by Eagle Comics, Aug 01 1984
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October 16, 2008

The "Garbage God" made this book.

Ok, not really. Dredd makes this book ... but the Garbage God sure does make it entertaining!

On a search for the one boy that can save Mega City One, Dredd brings us kick-a*** action, crazy adventure, and tons of death.

This book is humorous as heck with Garbage God preparing for his death in a burial shroud made entirely of priceless ring-pull tabs and monuments of the man with a cooking pot on his head being pulled by mutie-slaves.

My favorite scene involved sulphur sand and a "kept" promise.

This issue is incredibly creative, there's SO much going on in it and the action moves really fast. In my opinion, those are all good ingredients for a story that is bound to give you a feeling of excitement and anticipation.

"Death to the brotherhood of trash!!!!"


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