Wake me when it is over....
Review for Cable (2008) 21-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Feb 01 2010
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December 22, 2009

Wake me when it is over....

I was all excited when I saw that Ramos was doing the art for this issue. Too bad it was only for the first chapter and it was not his best work to be sure! Do I really have to keep buying this book? Is Hope integral to the X-story? Because, since she left 616 continuity she hasn't been, at all! For me, this series regularly offers up more question marks than answers. And I don't mean clever, mystery-like questions. Questions like, "How is it that Bishop can commandeer an Acanti?" "Does Bishop still have the Brood inside of him?" "How was he able to time-jump at the end of this issue after Hope stole his teleportation device?" And if the past issues are any indication, these questions will not be answered. I guess I'll buy the next issue again because I am an absolute moron and am afraid I will miss some integral hint that will relate to the X-Men. I'm not sure what it is with this series. Usually I am really good at dropping bad books.


Finally read this hunk of shit! Awful per usaul...and they raised the price FU Marvel!!!!
This is why I didn't drop it. It better be good, or I will go postal!
I dropped a long time ago, however according to previews the next 3-4 issues are the leadin to the next X-Event "Second Coming"

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