"1st Place at the Science Fair Goes to NOWHERE MEN!"
Review for Nowhere Men 1-A

Comic Book by Image, Nov 01 2012
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January 21, 2013

"1st Place at the Science Fair Goes to NOWHERE MEN!"

2012 should go down in the record books as "THE YEAR OF IMAGE". Seriously, this company has managed to create some very intriguing alternative concepts and sell the $%#$ out of them. From old favorites like THE WALKING DEAD to new favorites like the breakout hits SAGA and MANHATTAN PROJECTS, IMAGE seems to have found their stride.

So how does NOWHERE MEN, a book written by IMAGE Publisher Eric Stephenson, hold up among such strong company?

Suprisingly well.

With a hint of Twilight Zone and a touch of MAD MEN, NOWHERE MEN is about 4 of the world's greatest scientists who combine their collective resources to form a research facility called WORLD CORP. Through various sequences in the future and in the present, we quickly realize that the vision the founders had for the company might have gone wrong somewhere along the way. And there's a ship floating around the Earth full of a dozen people stricken with a mystery illness that is setting the stage for the story.

All in all, this comic is not only fun to read, but visually fun to look at. It's a book you should really read with no distractions to get the full effect as the reader or you'll miss something. It's got a pop-art, atomic age look and feel that stand out from most comics currently on newsstands. I suppose there's lots of things I enjoyed about the book, but I couldn't pick out just ONE of them. And that's the recipe for a great comic. If you enjoy MANHATTAN PROJECTS, you'll enjoy Nowhere Men. If you enjoy Fantastic Four, you'll enjoy Nowhere Men. Honestly, it's that good a story.

I've been meaning to talk about this book for a couple weeks now, but I haven't had the chance yet until this week. There's only 2 issues of this series out with a 2nd print of #1 released on January 9th, so you've got lots of time and opportunity to read this issue and get in on the ground floor of something really unique.


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