Hard to Beat
Review for Batman: The Dark Knight (2011/01) 1-B

Comic Book by DC, Jan 01 2011
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July 29, 2011

Hard to Beat

Its hard to imagine a more horrible presence than the Penguin and Finch has made him quiet horrific in this series that will redefine Batman for many years to come. The art and story are simply amazing; quite in line with the Batman we all cherish and in line with the continuity of the other Batman titles out there.

What makes this Batman amazing is how Finch interweaves past events with the present and sets up a mystery that is hard to fathom at this early stage. But what is the strongest plus for this story is the art, it simply forces you to take your time with each panel and dread the inevitable end of the issue; fortunately there are issues around the corner to be cherished.


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