"This is how the Invasion ends...not with a bang..."
Review for Secret Invasion 8-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Jan 01 2009
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December 15, 2008

"This is how the Invasion ends...not with a bang..."

No two ways about it; this last issue felt rushed.

Remember the good ol' days when Marvel would make the last issue of a series "Double-Sized?" Where have those days gone? The final installment of SECRET INVASION deserved a double-sized finale. BMBendis (who I really have to say has been a phenomenal bright star in Marvel's Bullpen) kinda tried to tie up too many loose plot threads for all these different subplots in various Marvel books - dedicating random panels in the middle of a scene to something that might effect a second-string character in another Marvel comic.

If you go back and read issue #7, which to me was nothing more than a $3.99 pay-per-view, #8 had twice the dialogue of that issue it seemed. This was nice, but almost too wordy.

Don't get me wrong. Secret Invasion #8 had a better ending than World War Hulk #5...but honestly...have you READ World War Hulk #5? The last 5 issues of STAR BRAND beats that ending out, hands down.

As a whole, I believe that newer fans of comic books will enjoy Secret Invasion and remember it as their 'Secret Wars'. For older readers, *yawns*, this series for me reads like a movie script. Characters pop in, characters pop out. They occasionally drop a one-liner or two, and make a dramatic entrance.

Now it's time to put on our "Reign" ponchos.


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