Let down....AGAIN!
Review for Shadowland: Spider-Man 1-A

Comic Book by Marvel, Dec 01 2010
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October 09, 2010

Let down....AGAIN!

Well, there goes the streak. I was impressed with Shadowland to date, because Marvel was able to keep the mini-series and one-shots relevant to the main story. So many big events drop the ball when it comes to this. No worries though, Shadowland: Spider-Man helped keep this poor record alive!

Poor Spider-Man. Every time I pick up one of his books, it sucks! Hence to absolute lack of interest in collecting anything Spider-Man related. I'm sure there must be some good Spidey books out there. I just haven't found them!

In this One-Shot, the readers are once again treated to a lesson of, "With absolute power comes absolute responsibility." Blah, blah, blah. We know already. Spider-Man has to save Shang Chi (Master of Kung Fu) from making a decision he will regret, thus corrupting his soul. Like Spider-Man has to be the centring force for Shang! The dude is a Zen master!!!

This story does not further the Shadowland story one way or another. In fact, the only real relevance it has to the main story is that there are some Hand ninjas in the story. In fact, in terms of continuity this story is very, very late. It is intended to take place before iron Fist and the gang go to Shadowland to talk some sense into Daredevil.

So, late plus completely irrelevant equals waste of time in my books. When I was younger, I was sure Spider-Man was a DC character. He is sappy, sanctimonious, and always teaching us a lesson. The two make great bedfellows. I continue to try both, and end up hating them more each time!


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